About LINDER LIVE: Let's Get Back to Business

Stay at home orders are lifting, we’re heading back to work, and there’s new resources, guidelines, and best practices coming out almost every day. The constant stream of information is helpful, but let’s face it, it can all be a little overwhelming. Linder Live: Let’s Get Back to Business, is a webinar series that’s going to cut through the noise and distill for you the most important insights you need to know to reopen business safely. Whether you’re a restaurateur, venue manager, business owner, executive or event organizer, we’re sharing the information you need to make informed decisions as you navigate a post COVID-19 world. 



Episode 1: Visit with The St. James | June 29, 2020

Things are changing on a dime and with gyms, retail, salons, and restaurants reopening.  How are are some of these most popular destinations meeting these requirements with their reopening plans? In this conversation, Linda talks with Craig Dixon and Kendrick Ashton, Co-Founders and Co-Managing Partners of the DMV's premier 450,000 sq. ft, sports, entertainment & wellness destination, to answer that question and more.  What policies are they implementing at their facility? How are they now training employees and ensuring public confidence in returning? Learn from Linda, Craig and Kendrick as they discuss these guidelines and highlight best practices for reopening business safely.

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