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Linder will engage with you in assessment and strategy development that results in the creation of a dynamic event strategy rooted in compelling content. Our process strengthens engagement with critical stakeholders and delivers an effective and sustainable revenue/sponsorship model.

Audit, Assessment, and Market Discovery

Foundational to the audit process are Linder's discovery sessions - delivering insights to our clients' goals, vision, brand, current audience, marketing strategy, delivery assets, sponsorship benefits, and overall strategy effectiveness.

Message Framework and Event Strategy Development

We identify opportunities and the framework for our clients' future event strategy development. We provide thoughtful recommendations on where adjustments are needed most, including possible modifications to messaging, communications materials, and event goals and strategy.

Event Strategy Development

After clarifying the goals and core elements of the event framework, we develop a highly detailed plan to bring the event to life. This work includes event activation concepts, detailed action plans, and corresponding budget estimates to achieve the outlined goals.

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