Switching Gears 

At Linder we work alongside our clients to bring people together and create meaningful experiences through the power of events. When COVID-19 hit it forced us all to take a step back and re-evaluate how to best foster an environment where our clients messages could still be heard.

It was in that vein that we found ourselves quickly pivoting to support the Opportunity Finance Network’s Small Business Finance Forum, a longstanding program of ours, in a new, but exciting way.  

Building the Foundation

With an in person event date just around the corner, we quickly identified new program goals and objectives and immersed ourselves into the emerging world of virtual event technologies to find the best solution to accomplish these goals. For this year’s program we didn’t have to look far, finding a fully customizable solution with one of our long term audio visual partners. 

Just as we do with live events, Linder worked closely across the client and vendor teams to develop a revised program that was built around the foundation of still creating opportunity for human connection while in the comfort of your own home. 

The Results

Over the course of 2 months we worked tirelessly building a platform that would ultimately support over 800 attendees (more than double the in person attendance we traditionally see!), across 2 days jam packed with 2 live plenaries, 11 interactive breakout sessions, 5 small business demonstrations, 8 interactive exhibit booths and 11 featured small businesses.

While we are eager to get back to bringing people together, this year's Small Business Finance Forum was a great testament to the power of technology and all that can be accomplished with a little creativity and out of the box thinking.